Contact Me

Unfortunately I can’t publish my e-mail address on the site. If I do it will be harvested by nasty spam bots who will send me emails every day about how to make my dick bigger. I could do without all that. So instead, you have to contact me using this form. It just forwards your message direct to my e-mail, so it’s pretty much the same result.

A couple of things to note before you use the form though, and please read this carefully:

  • If your message relates to one of the articles on this site, please consider leaving it as a comment instead. That way other people will be able to read it, respond to it, and also read my response. I am far more likely to reply to comments than to individual messages, because that way my reply helps everyone.
  • If you’re selling logos, SEO services, or fine leather jackets, then save yourself the trouble cos I ain’t buying.
  • I have no interest in selling links or articles. Lots of people have asked, and they all just get ignored. The only sites I link to are ones I think my readers will find useful, and I do so for free. So again, marketers, please don’t bother!

Other than that, I look forward to hearing from you.