How To Make A Profit From Bookies Free Bets

This is not a new method, but it still works just as well today as it did a few years ago. So I make no apology for republishing it now. It does generate guaranteed free money so if you haven’t done this yet then there is no better time to start.

The following first appeared as the Free Cash Method all the way back in 2009. I am republishing it here with the author’s permission. Other versions of the same method have been sold in the guise of Bonus Bagging. I would urge you not to pay money for this information. I am offering it to you for free.

Because of its age, some of the examples will look dated. It’s highly likely that the specifics of the bookies offers in the examples will have changed. In fact one bookie mentioned doesn’t exist any more.

None of that matters because the method is still exactly the same. I will get around to updating the examples in time, but there is no reason you can’t start to follow the method in the meantime.

I should also mention I have no affiliation with the free bets website mentioned. Others are available if you prefer, they all do pretty much the same job! However I will keep the material intact as much as possible, the only changes I will make is to update the examples and add a couple of annotations of my own.

Right that’ enough of the preamble and disclaimers, let’s get on with it.

This quick and easy method will allow you to make over £1000 in the next two to three weeks – risk free.

  • 100% Genuine
  • 100% Guaranteed
  • 100% Risk Free


Welcome to the Free Cash Method. You are now in possession of a simple but powerful method that is:

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Guaranteed to make at least £1000
  • Risk free. There is no risk of losing any of your money
  • 100% Legal and Ethical

If you follow this simple system to the letter you WILL make more than £1000 over the next few weeks. I know that this probably seems too good to be true, and you’re probably thinking there must be some sort of catch involved. Let me assure you, this is a completely genuine opportunity and there is absolutely no catch whatsoever.

All you need to do is read this guide through to the end and follow the instructions carefully. If you can do that, then £1000+ is as good as yours.

How Will You Make Money?

In this method I will show you how to make in excess of £1000 by utilising the free bet money offered by online bookmakers. Do not worry when you see the terms “bet” and “bookmaker” mentioned. Let me assure you that this is NOT gambling. There is absolutely no risk to your money at any time.

You will not be following tips or a betting system. You will not need to study form or trade price movements. Remember, I said that this method is EASY to follow and GUARANTEED to work when followed correctly.

I will show you how to use the free money to engineer situations where you are certain to make a profit whatever the outcome of an event. The marketplace for the online bookmakers is very competitive. Due to the low overheads afforded by the internet, more and more online bookmaking firms have opened up in recent years.

With so many bookmakers competing for business, most now offer incentives for you to join them in the form of free bets. Obviously the bookmakers want to use these free bets to get you to join up so that in time they will make money from you. Instead, we’ll be using the free bets to make ourselves some money from them.

There is nothing illegal or underhand about what we’re going to do here. In fact as you can see, by opening a new account with a bookmaker we’re doing exactly what they are encouraging us to do.

So how can we guarantee a profit?

The bookmakers sometimes require that you place one or more bets with them before they give you the free bet. For example, the offer might be something like “place a bet of £50 and we will give you another free bet of £50.”

This requirement is what I call a qualifying bet.

When we place a qualifying bet we will only look to break even. The qualifying bet is just something we need to do in order to gain the free bet. It is when we qualify for the free bet that we’ll be locking in our guaranteed profit. The qualifying bets are not a problem because it is a fairly simple procedure to ensure that we can get them out of the way without losing any money.

How can we be sure that we will break even or guarantee a profit regardless of whether our bet wins or loses?

The way we can do this is to use the betting exchanges. A betting exchange is not the same as a bookmaker. Betting exchanges are websites that allow users to bet against each other. When you place a bet on an exchange there is no bookmaker involved, you are only ever betting against other people.

The important feature of the betting exchange from the point of view of this method is that they allow you to bet that something will not happen. This is called a lay bet. When you place a lay bet, you are accepting somebody else’s stake who thinks that a selection will win. If the selection does win, you must pay out to the backer at the odds you agreed. However if the selection does not win, you get to keep the backer’s stake.

As you can see, this is exactly the way in which the bookmakers operate.

Let’s say we have a football match, and England are playing Brazil. Before the match England are priced at around 1.8 in decimal odds (that’s 4/5 in traditional fractional odds).

If I don’t think England will win I can choose to place a lay bet on them at the betting exchange. If I accept a backer’s stake of £10 at odds of 1.8, I will have to pay £8 to the backer if England go on and win the game. However if Brazil win or the match is drawn, I get to keep the backer’s £10 stake.

The fact that we can bet on something not to happen is the key to this money making method.

What we’ll be doing is betting that an outcome will happen using a free bet, and betting that the same thing will not happen using the betting exchange. As you can see, one of our bets has to win. Either something will happen, or it won’t. There is no other possible outcome.

And because one of our bets will be placed using the bookmaker’s money rather than our own, we can use the stake calculator to simply but cleverly ensure that we make a guaranteed profit whatever happens.

If this seems complicated at first – don’t worry. That’s what this guide is for. We’ll be going through the process in detail and then looking at a worked example of how I made a guaranteed, risk free profit of £33 in around 10 minutes.

Where to find the free money offers

You can find a comprehensive list of the free money offers available at the excellent Free Bet Advice website:

Take a look at this site and you will see that there is over £1600 worth of free money offers listed on this site, and they add more offers regularly. Of course the more free offers they add, the more guaranteed profit you will make. You can also sign up to receive free updates via RSS or Facebook, which means you’ll be notified whenever a new free bet is added to the site. You don’t have to do this in order to get the free bets, but by doing so you do get to hear about new offers before everyone else.

How to Guarantee a Profit

Now that we know the theory behind how this method is going to work, let’s look at it in more detail. Let’s take a closer look at which we will use to access the free bets that will allow us to profit from this system.

Another very useful feature of this site is that each free bet is listed to the right of every page under the heading “Free Bets A-Z” meaning you can quickly and easily work through the list. We’ll be working our way through all the free bets on this site in order to make the maximum amount of profit.

As I mentioned earlier, we are going to use these bets to make guaranteed profits by betting that something will happen at the bookmakers, and betting that the same thing will not happen at Betfair.

In order to achieve this, you will of course need a Betfair account. If you don’t already have an account at Betfair, you can open one here.

The good news is that when you join via this link, Betfair will credit your new account with £30 absolutely free. Good news – you’re making money already and we haven’t even started yet.

Once you have opened the account, if you are still unsure about how Betfair works and what is involved in betting that something will not happen (lay bets) you can view Betfair’s tutorials which will explain this in far more detail.
What to bet on

I suggest that you place both your qualifying bets and your free bets using the football (soccer) coupons. The reason for this is that there are always plenty of matches on the coupons and I find they tend to throw up numerous and regular opportunities.

Also – more importantly – the odds rarely change. The last thing you want is for a price to change when you’re half way through placing your bets. Of course you can try other sports if you prefer as long as the odds meet the criteria I am about to describe, however I suggest you do not use horse racing because the odds in these markets are volatile and are prone to change which can cause problems when you are trying to accurately calculate your stakes.

Qualifying Bets

If we are required to place a qualifying bet, our aim will be to break even. We won’t try to make a profit from this bet; we simply look at it as a required step in order to get the free bet. It is the free bet where we will make the guaranteed profits.

In order to break even on the qualifying bet we need to find something to bet on where the odds at the bookmaker and on Betfair are the same or very close.

This situation occurs most often with shorter priced selections.

Let’s say you need to place a qualifying bet of £50 in order to get a free bet of £50. Your first step is to check the day’s football coupon at the bookmaker you’re using, and the corresponding coupon on Betfair.

Look for a selection where the bookmaker price and the Betfair price are very close or – if possible – identical. This does happen quite regularly so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding something suitable.

When you have a selection, deposit the amount you need to bet with the bookmaker (£50 in this example) and use it to back the selection to win. Then at Betfair, you need to lay the same selection to lose for a backer’s stake of £50.

Let’s say Chelsea are playing at home, and you find them at odds of 1.3 at the bookmaker and 1.31 at Betfair.

Your £50 bet with the bookmaker will earn you £15 if Chelsea win, but lose you £50 if their opponents win or the match is drawn.

Your £50 lay bet at Betfair will lose you £15.50 if Chelsea win, but you’ll win £50 if their opponents win or the match is drawn.

This is a typical example of a qualifying bet, and we’ll be looking at a real life example in the next section. You have what is essentially a break even situation – you stand to lose only 50p if Chelsea win the game. However by doing this you’ll qualify for the £50 free bet from which you’ll be earning far more.

Free Bets

So having placed your qualifying bet, your bookmaker account will be credited with the free bet as promised. Now we get to the good part – when we lock in our guaranteed profit!

When we placed the qualifying bets we had to look for low priced selections that had an almost identical price on both Betfair and the bookmakers’ coupons.

When we place the free bet, we’re looking for high priced selections. The price should be as close as possible but it is not essential for the price to be the same.

Try to look for selections priced at 4.0 or above, with a price not more than one unit apart. For example, you could choose an away team priced at 6.0 at the bookmaker and 6.8 at Betfair.

With the free bet, you’re not going to lay the same amount on Betfair as you bet at the bookmaker. Remember at the bookmaker you are now betting with their money. At Betfair you need to lay a lower amount in order to guarantee an equal profit whether the selection wins or loses.

This calculation may sound a bit complicated and that’s because it is. Fortunately, you have the free stake calculator that was included with this manual to help you.

The calculator is in Microsoft Excel format. However if you don’t have excel don’t worry – you can download an excellent free alternative to Microsoft office from

This will allow you to use the calculator, and will save you a few hundred pounds on the price of MS Office into the bargain! When you have opened the calculator, you need to enter some data in the yellow cells.

The information you need to enter is as follows:

Is the free bet stake returned? – Most bookmakers let you keep the profits if your free bet wins, but not the stake itself. If this is the case, leave this value set to “No”. However there are some that will let you keep the stake amount as well as the profits if the bet wins, and if this is the case change this value to “Yes”. You should consult the Terms and Conditions at the bookmaker to check whether the stake will be returned.

Free Bet Stake – Enter the value of your free bet. This will range from £10 to £200 depending on the bookmaker you’re using at the time. Back Odds – Enter the odds at which you will back your selection at the bookmaker using your free bet.

Lay Odds – Enter the odds at which you will lay your selection at Betfair. Once you have entered all these values, the calculator will tell you how much you need to lay the selection for at Betfair – you can see this highlighted in green.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the amount of guaranteed profit you will make from this free bet. This is the amount you will make whether the bet wins or not.

If the free bet does win, your winnings will be in your bookmaker account and should be withdrawn from there back to the card you used to deposit your initial stake. If it doesn’t win, your winnings will be in your Betfair account.

In the previous screenshot you will see that using the example odds I mentioned earlier, you would have guaranteed a profit of £35.19. Of course you’d have lost a few pence on your qualifying bet, but now you can see that overall you will make a handsome profit.

If you repeat this simple process using all the free bet offers listed at you will make in excess of £1000 – guaranteed, and risk free. Just to make sure you are certain how this method works, we’ll now run through it again using a real life example.

How It Works – An Example

Ok, let’s run through an example so you can see exactly how this method will make you money.

First, I’ll visit the free bets directory at You’ll be able to cash in on every single free bet listed on this site, but for the purposes of this example let’s start at the top with the free bet offer from Boylesports.

At the time of writing, Boylesports are offering £200 worth of free bets which is paid in 4 instalments of £50. To get the first of the 4 free bets, we need to place one qualifying bet of £50.

Placing the Qualifying Bet

Remember our aim with the qualifying bet is to break even. We don’t look to make a profit on this bet. All we want to do is get it out of the way in order to qualify for the free bet, which is where our profit will be made.

So with that in mind, we need to look at the football coupons on Boylesports and on Betfair, and find a selection whose price is the same or very close. For the qualifying bet, the selection should be at the shortest odds possible. Let’s take a look at the coupons.

Here’s the Boylesports football coupon. It’s 3rd January 2009 and the FA Cup 3rd round is being played today.

Let’s take a look at the corresponding coupon on Betfair.

Without even bothering to scroll down the page, I notice several selections that are suitable for the qualifying bet:

Hartlepool v Stoke – “The Draw” is the same price to back at the bookmaker as it is to lay on Betfair
Arsenal v Plymouth – Arsenal can be backed at 1.20 at the bookmaker and laid at 1.25 on Betfair. A very small difference in price, and a very short priced favourite that should win.
Cardiff v Reading – Cardiff can be backed at 2.25 at the bookmaker and laid at 2.28 on Betfair. That’s only a 3% difference in price, and again Cardiff are favourites to win.

That’s three suitable selections out of the first four matches, so you can see there is never any problem finding opportunities which will allow you to break even on the qualifying bets.

I think the odds on the Hartlepool draw are a bit high and therefore it’s less likely to happen. I decide to go with Cardiff on this occasion, but Arsenal would have been equally suitable.

I open up my bet slip by clicking the check box next to Cardiff. My stake in order to qualify for the free bet needs to be £50. The bet slip confirms to me that the bet will return £112.50 should Cardiff win the game.

Now I need to place the opposite bet on Betfair, so that I will get my £50 back if Cardiff don’t win.

So I place a lay bet on Cardiff for £50 at Betfair. Now if Cardiff don’t win I will lose my £50 bet placed at Boylesports, but I will get £50 back at Betfair (minus a small amount of commission).

If Cardiff do win I will lose my lay bet at Betfair costing me £64, but I will win £62.50 at Boylesports. This represents a tiny loss of £1.50 – hardly the end of the world.

In effect I will pretty much break even whatever the outcome of the game. I have all possible outcomes covered and I cannot lose more than a couple of pounds. By doing this I will qualify for a free bet of £50 which is when the profits will be made.

So with both my bets placed I can settle down and wait for the result of the game. I checked the BBC website later in the day and found that Cardiff had won the game.

So that’s my qualifying bet out of the way, with a net loss of just £1.50. The whole process took me around 5 minutes – it really was that easy! Now Boylesports will credit me with a £50 free bet which I will cash in the next day.

Placing the Free Bet

OK, so after getting the qualifying bet out of the way, it’s time to cash in the free bet. Boylesports have credited my account with a free bet of £50 which I will use on the following day, Sunday 4th January. The stake is not returned on this bet if it wins.

Again I will be looking at the football coupons to place the bet. This time, I need to find a selection at higher odds – it should be priced no lower than 4.0 and preferably higher. The prices should be fairly close but they don’t have to be as close as they did when I was placing the qualifying bet.

When I have found a suitable selection I will use the free bet stake calculator included with this manual to work out how much guaranteed profit I will make.

Again I bring up the football coupons at Boylesports and Betfair, and again I can see a suitable selection without even having to scroll down the page. This just goes to show that there is never any shortage of opportunities to cash in using this method.

I can see that in the Real Madrid v Villarreal game, the away team are priced at 5.00 to back at Boylesports and 5.5 to lay at Betfair. The odds are well above the 4.0 minimum and there is only a 10% difference in price. So again I have my selection within a matter of a minute or so. I’ll be using the £50 free bet to back Villarreal at Boylesports. I will now use the free bet calculator to work out how much to lay them for at Betfair in order to guarantee an equal profit whether they win or not.

In the stake calculator I need to fill in the required information in the yellow cells. I enter the free bet stake which is £50, the back odds of 5.0 and the lay odds of 5.5. The free bet stake is not returned if the free bet wins, so I can leave that set at No.

The calculator tells me that I need to lay Villarreal on Betfair for £36.70 at the odds of 5.5. This will give me a guaranteed net profit (after Betfair commission) of £34.86 whether Villarreal win, lose or draw. Easy! Having already backed Villarreal at Boylesports at odds of 5.0 using my £50 free bet, I switch back to Betfair to place the opposing bet and lock in my profit.

And there we go.

Now if Villarreal win the game I will win £200 from my free bet at Boylesports but I will lose £165.15 at Betfair, giving me a net profit of £34.85.

If Villarreal lose or draw the game my free bet at Boylesports will not return any money, but because I was betting with their money I lose nothing. However I will win my lay bet at Betfair and bank £34.87 after commission. Easy! I’m guaranteed to make nearly £35 whatever happens. I did lose £1.50 on the qualifying bet of course, but that still means an overall net profit of more than £33.

Remember this profit is guaranteed. My money was never at risk at any time. And what’s more, the whole process – including the qualifying bet AND the free bet – took me around 10 minutes.

Your Next Steps

So you know how the method works. You’ve seen a live example. Now it’s time to get started!

To make a guaranteed £1000, it’s simply a case of repeating the above steps for every free bet listed at

I’ll leave you with some final pieces of advice which will help you make the most out of this exciting method.

  • In order to achieve your profits as quickly as possible, don’t just bet with one bookmaker at a time. There is no reason you can’t be placing qualifying and free bets with several bookmakers simultaneously. If you do this you should be able to complete the list of free bets and earn £1000+ within 2 to 3 weeks.
  • When you place your free bets, always aim for a return of around 70% or above. The calculator will display the return for you. Don’t just waste your free bet if the returns are too low – keep looking.
  • If there are no suitable prices in the match odds markets, try the correct score markets. These selections are priced higher and therefore sometimes give better opportunities for high returning free bets.
  • Use a spreadsheet to record the bets you have placed so you know where you are up to.
  • Make sure you use up every free bet on offer. Don’t be tempted to ignore the lower value bets, because they all add up. Furthermore, the bookmakers that offer £20 or £10 free bets usually only require one qualifying bet or sometimes none at all
  • Also do remember that if you choose to sign up for the free updates at Free Bet Advice they will notify you every time a new free bet becomes available, which means you can keep on earning guaranteed money even when you’ve cashed in all the bets currently listed on the site

I won’t wish you good luck because luck is simply not an issue here. You are 100% guaranteed to make over £1000 if you follow these instructions to the letter, so you don’t need to be lucky – you just need to set aside a few minutes of your time each day and watch those risk free earnings roll in. Enjoy your profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Chances are it’s been asked before. Here are the most frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers.

Q – I’ve opened the calculator but I can’t input any numbers in the yellow cells. What is going wrong?
A – You’ve opened the calculator with Excel viewer which does not allow you to edit values. You need to open the calculator with Excel, or if you do not have Excel, you can get an excellent free alternative from

Q – I notice that some of the bookmakers that offer deposit bonuses require me to wager the deposit and bonus several times before I can withdraw it. This seems a bit of a hassle – is there any way round this?
A – Yes there is. In fact personally, I prefer deposit bonuses to free bets because they allow you to make 100% profit potentially very quickly. Let me explain…

If a deposit bonus is given, and a minimum wagering requirement is in place before you can withdraw – you can just try to lose as soon as possible! Let’s say for example you deposit £25 and they match it with £25, but you need to wager the £50 3 times before withdrawal. You treat this as a qualifying bet, as your bonus is already in place.

So you place your first bet of £50 and lay £50 back on Betfair. If the bet loses at the bookmaker and wins on Betfair, your job is done. You have effectively transferred your entire bonus over to Betfair in one bet, and made a 100% profit. You don’t have to continue with that bookmaker in order to meet their withdrawal requirements, as there is no money left to withdraw. When you look at it this way, it really is quite quick and easy to get through the list of free bets in spite of any wagering requirements that might be in place.

Q – A bookmaker I signed up to has given me part of a free bet, and now they are asking me to place five more bets in order to get the rest of my free bet. What should I do?
This is fairly common. Just place five qualifying bets (which will result in you breaking even) and then cash in the remainder of the free bet using the calculator as normal.

Q – One of the bookmakers you use in your example has changed its free bet amount. Why is this?
Free bets offers are subject to change and there is nothing you or I can do about that – this is the reason we use Free Bet Advice as they are always up to date with the latest offers.

Q – I have read through the method a few times and I understand what to do, but I’m a bit nervous starting in case I make a mistake. What should I do?
If you’re nervous about using real money then why not just start with the lower value free bets such as the £10 ones. Use these just to practise on until you feel comfortable then start to work up through the list, increasing the value as you go.