A Quick Trip To Vegas

Las Vegas Strip from Mandalay Bay

Other than not having to go to work, one of the best parts of being a (semi) professional gambler is the fact that trips to Las Vegas are a legitimate business expense. It’s something I try to take advantage of at least once a year.

My most recent visit was different in that I didn’t go on a weekend. Some cheap flight came up from Sunday to Thursday, and since I had nothing better to do, the decision was made.

On arrival, the first thing I noticed was that I really should have checked the weather before packing my bags. All my previous trips have been between April and September. This was winter, and winter in the desert is not warm. The boardies, shorts and flip flops could have stayed at home. I would not be visiting the pool this time.

Not to worry though, as there is plenty more to do in Vegas, and no matter how many times you’ve been you either find something you’ve missed, or discover something they’ve built since last time. And so it was that while wandering along the strip opposite the Mirage, I happened to glance up and notice this sign…

william hill sign

What, really?

Surely, I thought, this was William Hill the (not so) famous cabaret signer, or drag act. Surely in Vegas there are enough sportsbooks that they don’t need one of our worst high street bookies encroaching on their turf.

william hill in las vegas

Yes, really….

However on further inspection, I confirmed that yes, it was them. Obviously I had to go in and have a look, and I can confirm that yes, the odds in William Hill Las Vegas are just as shit as they are in the UK.

Not even a $1 Michelob would make me want to bet there. The craps tables are another matter of course. I’ve always been lucky with the dice, and came away that night with a very nice wedge that more than paid for the entire trip.

Next night we checked out the golf thing behind the MGM Grand. Basically it’s 4 floors of balcony, carved up into segments like a driving range. You smash a load of golf balls as far as you can.

MGM Grand Golf

Whack some golf balls into oblivion while they bring you beers.

In theory the idea seems to be to land the ball in one of those coloured target areas. But I’m not good enough to do that. Plus, we soon realised that there was a guy driving a little road sweeper cart around, collecting all the loose balls. Obviously it was much more fun to aim for him (don’t worry, it’s well armored). In any case he was perfectly safe. If I’m not good enough to hit a large brightly lit target, then a small moving one was obviously not going to happen.

The night progressed to a few more bars, probably the most noteworthy was this on top of Mandalay Bay. As I’m sure you’ll agree it offers a pretty good view of the southern part of the strip. Although personally I still prefer the ghost bar in the Palms.

Las Vegas Strip from Mandalay Bay

Great view of the strip from the top of Mandalay Bay

So overall a worthwhile trip. The main takeaway is that craps is still awesome, and that getting a job collecting golf balls probably requires increased health insurance.

Until next time….