What Is The Point Of #InPlayWithRay

I have to admit, some TV adverts are awesome. The dancing frogs & hedgehogs on the Evergreen ad, and the John Smith’s Top Bombing are maybe my all time favourites. Others piss me off intensely, such as the moronic Schpok app or whatever it’s called. And then there’s Ray Winstone and his bet365 ads. They fall into the latter category.

Nobody in real life could possibly be that much of a cockney. He’s putting it on for effect, although what he hopes to achieve is anyone’s guess. But that’s not really the issue. What bothers me is, he isn’t actually saying anything. I though adverts were meant to give me reasons why I should buy or do something.

So what’s this all about then?

I can travel a million miles in a single afternoon.

Well no, you can’t really can you? If you could, then yes that’s something that would interest me. But instead you’ve just wasted the first 8 of your 30 seconds. What else do you have?

I see every card and every goal the very second it ‘appens.

Brilliant yeah. But so does anyone with internet access, via the plethora of live scores websites that are available, to everybody, for free. Still don’t see why I’d want to join bet365 because of this.

Anything else?

I miss naffink. I am a member of the world’s favourite online sports betting company* and I gamble responsibly at bet365.

Right. Well good for you. But you still haven’t given me a single reason why I’d want to join you there.

Oh and what’s the asterisk? It means they’re largest in regards to gross revenue in 2014/15. So basically, he’s saying they take more money than any other bookie. Is that necessarily a good thing? I mean, BT take more money than any other telecommunications company, but they’re still shit.

So that’s a 30 second ad, which I doubt comes cheap, but tells me bugger all. It’s a good job they do make more money than the other bookies if they’re in the habit of squandering it on such a pointless exercise as this.

Give me Paddy Power’s chav darts any day. Or the dancing frogs. They’re good too…